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This book is a medical monograph on the research and treatment of vitiligo in traditional Chinese medicine, including introduction to vitiligo, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and system testing, understanding and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, "black and white with the same disease, black and white with treatment" new theory, black and white with the same treatment of new technology clinical and experimental research, vitiligo In particular, the new theory of "black and white with the same disease, black and white with the same treatment" and the "black and white with the same treatment" new technology have broken the history of incurable vitiligo.

The book focuses on clinical practice and clinical scientific research, highlighting practicality and scientificity. It not only has the latest research results of modern medicine, but also reflects the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine; it comprehensively reflects the latest achievements, new technologies, and new methods of Chinese medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo, and has more High academic value and practical value. It can be read and used by clinicians and medical researchers, and it is also a valuable reference book for teachers and students of medical schools and medical enthusiasts.


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