Vitiligo Causes

In recent years, it is found that the incidence of vitiligo is expanding, and the incidence of vitiligo in children is also increasing.


Vitiligo symptoms are generally no feeling, a few cases before the onset or at the same time, as well as the development and spread of white spots occasional local itch. Vitiligo symptoms can also occur after exposure to sunlight, especially light-colored skin patients are prone to flushing, pain, itching, and even blistering, some patients even cloudy day in the outdoor short time exposure will also occur the above symptoms. In the progressive stage of the damage gradually expanding more and more, the border is fuzzy, depigmented patches can often be seen.


A lot of vitiligo patients after learning that they have vitiligo, in the psychological at the same time also caused negative impact and damage, common factors affecting the psychology of vitiligo patients are what? Huahai Vitiligo Hospital experts explained that the following reasons are mainly caused by the majority of vitiligo patients in the negative psychological impact.


Hello, I'm Dr. Wang Jiangmei, a dermatologist. The president of Cheng Aihua engaged in vitiligo research and treatment for nearly thirty years, published vitiligo medical monographs 16, in all parts of the country Xinhua bookstore can be purchased, many patients is through reading these books regained confidence, and found us Huahai.


Vitiligo is a common autoimmune disease, which is mainly manifested in white spots caused by lack of skin pigment. The severity of the disease mainly includes the lesions, plaques area, and color contrast. The right to judge the disease is very important for patients' treatment and rehabilitation. So, how to judge the severity of vitiligo?


Will excessive pressure cause vitiligo?


Treatment of Vitiligo with Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on Syndrome Differentiation


The research of Vitiligo causes


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