Psychological investigation and nursing effect analysis of patients with vitiligo

Date:2020-07-27 Hit:699


     [Abstract] Objective: To understand the mental state of patients with vitiligo and analyze the nursing effect. Method: Using individual conversation and written questionnaire survey methods, using unified instruction, let the survey respondents complete the questionnaire with help. Results: After 116 cases of vitiligo patients received psychological care, all of them had a correct understanding of the outcome of the disease, mastered the knowledge of the disease, and improved confidence in the cure. Conclusion: The effect of psychological nursing in the treatment of patients with vitiligo is obvious, and it is worthy of clinical application.    [Key words] Vitiligo; psychological investigation; nursing; analysis

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    Vitiligo is a common acquired disease of depigmentation, with an incidence of 0.1% to 2% in my country [1]. In recent years, with the acceleration of the social rhythm and the improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements for their own image have become higher and higher, which often causes different degrees of anxiety and depression due to psychological pressure [2]. The modern medical model believes that vitiligo is a psychosomatic disease, and its onset, development, and outcome are all related to psychosocial factors [3]. Therefore, psychological care is particularly important. Our hospital has implemented psychological care for 116 patients with vitiligo and achieved good results. The effect of the report is as follows.

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