Psychological investigation and nursing measures of patients with vitiligo

Date:2020-07-27 Hit:575


     Vitiligo is closely related to the patient's psychological state. Although vitiligo rarely causes physical pain or directly threatens life, it causes serious psychological problems such as fear, anxiety, depression, etc. due to cosmetic problems and social pressure. Even thoughts of suicide. Patients often have obvious inferiority complex, social communication difficulties, feeling shy, irritable, and afraid of being discussed. People generally lack scientific knowledge about vitiligo and believe that vitiligo is contagious, which affects the quality of life of patients, and it is often difficult to treat and deal with the disease correctly. Mental factors are also one of the triggers for many patients with vitiligo. The psychological state caused by the onset of vitiligo can cause the development or aggravation of leukoplakia.

    The modern medical model has been transformed into a biological-social-psychological-behavior model. The role of psychological factors in the occurrence and development of diseases has received increasing attention. At the same time, people’s health care and beauty levels continue to improve, and the psychological factors of vitiligo will be increasingly affected Pay attention. It can be considered that the psychological impact of vitiligo on patients is far greater than the skin damage itself. Therefore, the care of vitiligo, especially psychological care is particularly important.

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