The introduction of hospital

Date:2020-09-02 Hit:2349

医院形象照片600.jpgHuahai vitiligo hospital,founded in 1994,is a modern and international vitiligo professional institution integrating scientific research,medical treatment ,teaching and prevention with the characteristics of traditional chinese medicine.At present, the hospital is the highest-level specialist hospital in the field of vitiligo in China.It is a member unit of the key specialist group of Chinese medicine in China, a United Nations agency demonstration base for scientific research and diagnosis of vitiligo, and the "Vitiligo Clinical Hospital and Base" awarded by the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the highest authority in Chinese medicine. It is also one of the highest academic institutions in China- Peking University Boya Huahai Vitiligo Rehabilitation College awarded by the Boya Industry-University-Research Base.

The hospital covers an area of more than 50 acres, with a total construction area of more than 20,000 square meters. At present, it has a research and development team and a diagnosis and treatment team composed of doctors, professors, and researchers. The scientific research and treatment equipment and fixed assets amount to 450 million yuan. In the 26 years since the establishment of the hospital, the hospital has always adhered to the heritage and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine culture, focusing on the goal of creating first-class vitiligo specialist hospitals in the world, pioneering and innovating, forging ahead, and achieving healthy and rapid development. The hospital has always taken "striving to create value for patients" as its core value, and is committed to relieve pain for patients with vitiligo worldwide. At present, cured patients have been distributed in 120 countries around the world and are trusted by patients in the world.

The founder of the hospital, Dean Cheng Aihua, is an internationally renowned vitiligo expert, and has been praised by many authoritative media as "the first person in the world to cure vitiligo." She led a scientific research team to develop a new Chinese medicine "Cured Black and White Together" new technology for treating vitiligo, which has been clinically verified by hundreds of thousands of patients, and has achieved the leading level all over the world. No matter what type of white spots, any part, area size, length of life, age of the patient, it can restore normal skin . This technology was approved for promotion nationwide by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the highest official management organization of Chinese medicine in 2009, and was included in the National Torch Program project with the highest level of science and technology in China. It has won more than 10 national, provincial and municipal science and technology Progress Award. He also published 16 monographs on vitiligo, and published more than 300 professional academic papers, forming a vitiligo theory and treatment system with independent intellectual property rights of Chinese medicine.

Huahai Vitiligo Hospital is a new “national-level business card” in the field of vitiligo treatment of Chinese medicine in China. Dean Cheng Aihua has accompanied Chinese national leaders on many trips, and has gone abroad to serve the countries along the “Belt and Road” with the achievements of Chinese medicine.At present, the hospital has carried out extensive cooperation with scientific research, medical and government health institutions in more than 10 countries, including the United States, Britain, India, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Ghana, and the United Arab Emirates, gradually expanding the impact of Chinese medicine on vitiligo worldwide.

In order to advance the scientific and technological achievements of traditional Chinese medicine to the world's vitiligo patients, Huahai staff will uphold the open concept of "traditional Chinese medicine wisdom and technology sharing", and will continue to promote the traditional Chinese medicine "Cured Black and White Together" treatment  to the international, let more domestic and foreign Patients enjoy the best quality Chinese medicine services and become the "powerful weapon" for the people in the world to prevent and treat vitiligo.


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