Binzhou Private Medical and Health Industry Association Conference was held

Date:2023-07-26 Hit:442

    On the morning of July 25th, the second member meeting of the Binzhou Private Medical and Health Industry Association was successfully held. 115 member units from Binzhou Medical, Drug, Health Service, Healthcare, and Mobile Medicine participated in the meeting. Binzhou Civil Affairs The Bureau and the Municipal Health and Health Commission gave guidance and support to the conference.


During the meeting, the first president of the President of the Private Medical and Health Industry Association of Binzhou City, the first council of the Aihua Representative Association, made a work report, and Li Tongchun, Secretary -General of the Association, made a financial work report. The conference reviewed and approved the documents such as the "Articles of Association of Binzhou Private Medical and Health Industry Association" and "Binzhou Private Medical and Health Industry Association Election Measures". Essence Cheng Aihua was elected as the new president of the association, Shang Yuwei, Xu Yuancai, Ji Ji, and Zhang Yu were elected vice presidents, and Zhang Zhenyuan was elected secretary -general of the association. At the same time, after discussion at the Council of the Association, he decided to hire the former chairman of the CPPCC Sun Chengzhi as the honorary chairman. Ma Jingze, the former deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Commission, was the consultant of the association, and hired Gao Dehong, Huang Dejin, and Liu Junliang as the Deputy Secretary -General of the Association.

The Binzhou Private Medical and Health Industry Association was established in December 2016. Since its establishment, the Association has been based on Binzhou and is committed to developing the private medical and health industry. It has made effective supplements and unique contributions to the implementation of the strategic implementation of health Binzhou and the development of characteristic medical and health industries. One of the batch of private medical and health institutions with standardized management specifications, advanced technology, and excellent service has developed to a considerable scale. In the recent three years of epidemic prevention and control, cultivating emerging industries, meeting the people's needs for diversification, multi -level, high -quality medical and health services, and improving the management level of member enterprises, practice in accordance with laws and regulations, enhance industry competitiveness, enhance brand impact He has done a lot of work and other aspects, and has won good social benefits and reputation.

Cheng Aihua, the newly elected chairman of the Binzhou Private Medical and Health Industry Association and the dean of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, said that with the strong support of the competent authorities at all levels and the joint efforts of all members, Binzhou Private Medical and Health Industry Association was successfully held. After the leadership team of the new association will take office, it will actively respond to the call for the implementation of the "healthy China" strategy proposed by the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, accurately grasp the trend and trend of new policies for new nationals, and municipalities, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation among members. Create an efficient communication and interaction platform for the government, enterprises and society, and jointly promote the revitalization of Binzhou's health industry and market prosperity.

In the future, the association will strengthen the strategic cooperation with China High -tech Industrialization Research Association, China Traditional Chinese Medicine Information Society, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shandong Provincial Hospital Association, and focus on the formulation of the development plan of the private health industry of Binzhou City to promote industry scientific and technological innovation. Research and development of new technical materials, investment and development of new medical and health projects, and promoting the sustainable development of Binzhou's private medical and health industry to make the association's due contributions.

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