Traditional Chinese medicine technology goes to sea, the Indian Promotion Center of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital has successfully signed a contract

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    Huahai Vitiligo Hospital is the first second -level Chinese medicine specialist hospital in the field of vitiligo in my country. On the basis of adhering to the traditional medicine of the motherland, the hospital has been explored for 29 years. The new theory of black and white same diseases, black and white Tongzhi "has successfully developed a new technique of" black and white Tongzhi "vitiligo with independent intellectual property rights. This technology has made significant breakthroughs in eliminating the cause, control development, and pigment regeneration. After clinical verification of hundreds of thousands of patients, the curative effect has reached the international leading level. Essence

    India Bagramki is a group company engaged in a large health industry and has dozens of branches in large and medium -sized cities in India. The company's general manager of the company, Mr. Razanni, had a vitiligo many years ago and was invalidated by medical treatment in his own country. Later, he heard that the new technology of "black and white fellow treatment" of Chinese medicine has overcome this world problem, so he took his daughter to China , Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, who found the technology, was treated for treatment. I did not expect a miracle to appear, and soon her daughter recovered and was hospitalized. Mr. Razniman is a very caring entrepreneur. He learned that the incidence of vitiligo in the country is as high as 8%. Many patients are suffering from illness and are determined to introduce this technology to India. Application for the establishment of a promotion center in Bangalore and Mumbai, India, and after multiple rounds of communication and negotiations between the two sides, it finally reached a intention of cooperation.

     According to Dean Cheng Aihua, in order to promote the international promotion process of new technologies for vitiligo "black and white" vitiligo, the hospital actively implemented the national "Belt and Road" cooperation initiative and created the "Internet+Chinese Medicine" global vitiligo patient rehabilitation plan The project uses the remote diagnosis and treatment of Internet hospitals to provide treatment services to vitiligo patients around the world, and gradually set up 3,000 technical promotion centers overseas to allow patients to enjoy high -quality Chinese medicine services in their own country. The establishment of the Indian Bangalore and Mumbai City Promotion Center laid the bridgehead for the hospital's development of the health market in South Asia, and will promote Huahai to gradually realize the great dream of "no vitality in the world".

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