The Party Branch of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital and China Petroleum Binzhou Branch Huanghebei District Party Branch signed the "Party Building Co -construction" cooperation agreement

Date:2023-12-16 Hit:463

On November 17, the Binzhou Huahai Vitiligo Hospital of the Communist Party of China and China Petroleum Shandong Binzhou Sales Branch signed a cooperation agreement for the "Party Building and Co -construction" cooperation agreement. The dean Cheng Aihua congratulated the meeting and put forward expectations and requirements for the cooperation between the two parties.

   Cheng Xuemei, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Yellow River North District of China Petroleum Shandong Binzhou Sales Branch, first visited the scientific research achievements, honorary awards, academic achievements, medical environment and other places of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, and walked into the ward to watch the treatment effect of patients. Feeling a close range of our college's major scientific research achievements in the treatment of vitiligo in traditional Chinese medicine, and long -term touching in love and public welfare. During the signing ceremony of the party building and co -construction, the two parties exchanged their experiences in the process of carrying out party building work in the form of "going out, listening to opinions, and learning experience". The two parties stated that in the future, the bridge between the party's co -construction will be established, the friendship between the party branches will be enhanced, the new model of the party building work will be activated, and the scientific development of the unit will be promoted.

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