Huahai Vitiligo Hospital 2024 New Year's Meeting held grandly

Date:2024-01-03 Hit:413

Set sail again, and strive to write a new chapter. On the occasion of New Year's Day, in order to 

show the good appearance of rapid change and vigorous development, on the afternoon of 30th 

December, Huahai Vitiligo Hospital grandly held the 2024 New Year's meeting. From Beijing, Tianjin 

and Shandong Province, a total of 23 technology promotion centre of Huahai elite gathered at the 

headquarters to celebrate the New Year's Day, in order to meet the upcoming 30th anniversary 

of the establishment of the hospital in 2024, we look back on the past, look forward to the future, 

and work together to depict the new grand blueprint, and then create a new glory of the cause of Huahai 

   traditional Chinese medicine treatment of purpura.

          What are the highlights of the New Year's PartyBelow, let's enjoy the spirit of Huahai people through the visual feast!

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