Vitiligo treatment and care

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The treatment and care of vitiligo is the editor-in-chief of Huahai vitiligo Hospital, an expert in vitiligo research. Vitiligo is based on the limitations of the skin white patches, and then gradually expand the spread of the main clinical manifestations of skin diseases, the cause is unknown, difficult to treat, although not painful, but erosion of the patient's healthy skin and mind, serious damage to people's appearance, bruising people's spirit, affecting their normal life, marriage, work and social life, is a common disease of dermatology, one of the most difficult diseases. Both modern and re-attributed are related to psychological and social factors. Therefore, medical psychology investigation and psychological treatment should be carried out, in which psychological care is particularly important.

This book collects the main research, treatment and nursing materials on vitiligo in recent years. The whole book takes the treatment and care of vitiligo, especially psychological care as the main line, combined with the author's decades of research results and clinical diagnosis and treatment, nursing experience, starting from the medical psychology, in-depth analysis of the patient's psychological phenomena and substance, the formation and classification of physical and mental diseases, the relationship between doctors and patients and communication between doctors and patients, psychological factors and the correlation between the physical and mental state of the patients with vitiligo, and confirmed that the psychological disorders of patients with different degrees of vitilia, and psychological, in turn, Even leading to the development of vitiligo storm, the psychological impact of the increased vitiligo can lead to further psychological breakdown of patients, the formation of a vicious circle, so white wind is a physical and mental disease.

In view of this, the author, combined with the theory of dialectical treatment and dialectical care of traditional Chinese medicine, thinks that health education of patients must be regarded as one of the important means of vitiligo prevention, and elaborates the psychological care, daily care, outpatient care, photochemical therapy nursing and epidermal skin transplantation nursing of patients with vitiligo, and discusses the psychological problems that are easy to arise according to the classification of children, adolescents, middle-aged and old age, and gives a specific treatment and nursing plan.

This book seeks to be more refined language, in-depth discussion, highlighting its practicality and maneuverability. It is hoped that this book can be suitable for clinical dermatologists and experts and scholars engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo, but also hope to become a guide for the daily diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo patients, so as to enhance the confidence to overcome the disease.

Because the content involved in this book is more extensive and complex, in the professional content, text expression and many other aspects, there will be negligence and omission, please readers and friends to put forward valuable comments.

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