Vitiligo health

Date:2020-06-10 Hit:516

"Vitiligo Health" is the first domestic monograph on vitiligo health published by the vitiligo expert Cheng Aihua of the Huahai Vitiligo Hospital. It uses the concepts and research results of traditional Chinese medicine health, and refers to health experts at home and abroad. The valuable experience of scholars, especially the theory, methods and techniques of ancient and modern Chinese medicine on vitiligo health, elaborated the relationship between the disease and people's spirit, diet nutrition, exercise, and discussed various health methods related to it Hot spots highlight the scientific, novelty and practicality of the book.

I glanced at the whole book and felt the hard work and benefited a lot. I believe that the publication of this book will help the further development of vitiligo. On the occasion of this book being paid to Zi, chat a few words in order.

Vitiligo is a localized or generalized disease of depigmentation of the skin, which belongs to the standard of "Vitiligo", "White Barrier Wind" and "Mottled" in Chinese medicine. Vitiligo can occur in all races of the world, with an average incidence of 1% to 2%. In recent years, due to the acceleration of social life rhythm and changes in factors such as diet, environment, climate, etc., the incidence of vitiligo has increased year by year, and the condition has gradually increased, causing serious impact on the health of patients.

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