Vitiligo Nutrition

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"Vitiligo Nutrition" is edited by Cheng Aihua, a vitiligo research expert at Huahai Vitiligo Hospital. In the treatment of vitiligo, the coordination of food and nutrition is equally important. Paying attention to dietary intervention and nutritional treatment for patients with vitiligo can help patients speed up the treatment progress and achieve good results in the treatment of vitiligo.

This book collects the latest scientific research achievements at home and abroad, draws the valuable experience of many experts and scholars, and combines the editor's more than 30 years of clinical practice and virulent patients with vitiligo. This book is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and has the characteristics of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. "Vitiligo Nutrition", the main content includes Chinese medicine understanding of vitiligo, energy and nutrients, minerals and trace elements, vitamins, nutrition and immunity, nutrition and medicine, traditional Chinese medicine nutrition and treatment, vitiligo and nutrition, nutritional conditioning of vitiligo, The daily guidance of vitiligo also elaborated on the relationship between diet and vitiligo, dietary contraindications for vitiligo patients, vitiligo conditioning recipes, etc., so that patients can participate in the nutritional health care and treatment of vitiligo.

The book is rich in content and easy to understand. A large number of typical pictures and icons are used in conjunction with the text description to highlight its practicality and operability as much as possible. I hope that this book can uncover the occurrence and development of vitiligo and develop both to prevent disease. Nutritional medicinal diets that cure diseases and provide health care contribute their own strength. At the same time, I hope that it can be used as a reference for clinical nutrition physicians, vitiligo medical personnel, and research and development personnel engaged in vitiligo nutrition treatment. It can also provide dietary nutrition guidance for vitiligo patients, which can help them build confidence in defeating the "white devil".

In the process of writing Vitiligo Nutrition, we strived for practicality, popularity and operability, referring to the works or papers of many scholars at home and abroad, and express our heartfelt thanks. The content of this book is relatively extensive and complex. No matter the professional content or the level of writing, there will be negligence and omissions.Any suggestions is appreciate.

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