Vitiligo Research

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"Vitiligo Research" is edited by Cheng Aihua, a vitiligo research expert at Huahai Vitiligo Hospital. Vitiligo, which is called vitiligo, white bark, and white bark wind by traditional Chinese medicine, is a skin disease in which the localized white patches appear on the skin and then gradually spread and spread. Although vitiligo is painless and itchy, it erodes the healthy skin and mind of the patient, severely damages the appearance of the person, bruises the spirit of the person, affects their normal life, marriage, work and socialization. It is one of the world's intractable diseases. With the rapid development of the market economy, people's psychology is also under great pressure that has never been before. At the same time, environmental pollution is increasing, diet, trauma, sun exposure and other factors have caused the incidence of vitiligo to increase year by year to overcome vitiligo. It has become one of the common goals for the medical profession at home and abroad.

In recent years, with the continuous progress of cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, medical immunology and other disciplines, especially the in-depth development of genomics and proteomics, various new methods and technologies of physics, chemistry and biology The continuous emergence and application of has played a positive role in revealing the pathogenesis and treatment mechanism of vitiligo. With the continuous deepening of research on vitiligo, some new treatment techniques and methods have stood out, laying a solid foundation for the early capture of vitiligo.

This book collects the main research and treatment data on vitiligo in recent years, including new understanding, new concepts and new achievements of vitiligo, especially based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with the author's decades of research results and diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo, It elaborated on the research and treatment experience of vitiligo by Chinese and Western medicine, and combined traditional Chinese medicine theories with modern science and technology. Starting from the lungs and meridians, it creatively proposed a new theory of treating black and white with the same disease and treatment of black and white. Adopting the new technology of "black and white treatment" to treat vitiligo, it has achieved good results, and from the basis of skin physiology, immunity, molecular biology and other theories, analyzes the internal relationship between the pathogenesis and treatment mechanism of vitiligo, which reduces the clinical diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo. The big blindness has laid a solid foundation for the further development of "black and white treatment" technology for the treatment of vitiligo.

The book consists of fifteen chapters, including the introduction of vitiligo, melanin research, immunology research, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and laboratory examination, vitiligo research and treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, phototherapy of vitiligo, "black and white disease, black and white treatment" new Theoretical and new technologies for the treatment of vitiligo, clinical and experimental research, vitiligo care, prevention and conditioning, especially the new theories of "same disease of black and white, same treatment of black and white" and new technologies of "same treatment of black and white" are the understanding and treatment of vitiligo breakthrough. A large number of typical and vivid pictures are used in conjunction with the text narrative to highlight its practicality and operability as much as possible. I hope that this book can contribute its own power to reveal the occurrence and development of vitiligo and create more effective drugs and treatment methods. At the same time, I hope that it can be used as a reference for experts and scholars who are engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo. I also hope that I can become a guide for patients with vitiligo to seek medical advice and establish confidence in defeating the white devil.

In the process of writing this book, strive for practicality, knowledge and operability. In order to keep the style consistent, the various medical literatures cited have been modified and summarized, so please understand the original author. The content of this book is relatively extensive and complex, and the author's level is limited. Any suggestions is appreciate.

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