New Theory of Vitiligo

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The second edition of "Vitiligo New Theory" is edited by Cheng Aihua, a vitiligo research expert at Huahai Vitiligo Hospital. The second edition of this book highlights a word "new", which brings together the latest research results of vitiligo in recent years in basic and clinical. The book has 12 chapters, including new theory of vitiligo, clinical manifestations, laboratory examinations, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, knowledge and treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, genetic and biological research, as well as knowledge of black, clinical and experimental treatment of vitiligo by black regeneration Chinese medicine Research, application and promotion of black regenerative Chinese medicine, prevention and conditioning of vitiligo, especially the new theory of "same disease of black and white, same treatment of black and white" are breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of vitiligo.

    The book uses a large number of typical and vivid pictures with textual narratives, and strives to have a clear theme, a thorough discussion, and a clear structure, so that it has the effect of both pictures and texts. I hope that this book can create more effective drugs and treatment methods for revealing the occurrence and development of vitiligo. Contribute your own strength. At the same time, I hope that it can be used as a reference for experts and scholars who are engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo. I also hope that I can become a guide for vitiligo patients to seek medical advice and establish confidence in defeating the white devil.

    In the process of writing this book, various medical documents cited. For the convenience of the style, the author made some deletions and summaries of the original text, please forgive the original author. The content of this book is relatively extensive and complex, and the author's level is limited. Regardless of professional content or writing level, there will be negligence and omissions, and there are even mistakes. I hope that my colleagues and readers will correct me.

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