Vitiligo prevention

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Vitiligo is a skin disease characterized by "localized white patches on the skin, and then gradually spread". The cause is unknown, easy to diagnose and difficult to treat, although it is painless and itchy, it seriously affects the physical and mental health of the patient and also affects the normality of the patient. Life, marriage, work, socializing, etc. are called "undead cancer". Therefore, the pathogenesis, early diagnosis and prevention of vitiligo is a major issue that needs to be solved urgently in the modern medical community, and it has attracted widespread attention from medical workers and researchers. In recent years, countries have issued consensus or diagnosis and treatment guidelines for the prevention and treatment of vitiligo, and there have been many new concepts and new progress in the clinical and basic research of vitiligo. Therefore, it is necessary to compile an academic monograph that introduces the latest understanding of vitiligo, especially the prevention and treatment of vitiligo, for the reference of medical staff and patients working in related fields.

The author of this book has long been engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo basic research beds, and has accumulated a large amount of bed materials and research results. This book refers to the latest literature at home and abroad, combined with the author's extensive research work, fully expounds the modern understanding of vitiligo basic and clinical, focuses on the new rationale, new technology and new methods of vitiligo prevention and treatment strategy, and pays attention to the theory and practice Closely integrated, mainly including the relevant knowledge of vitiligo, epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, etiology and pathogenesis, Chinese and Western medicine prevention, nutrition and food, spiritual support health education and nursing strategy and so on. We hope that by publishing this monograph, we will advance the popularization of new knowledge of vitiligo prevention and improve the level of vitiligo prevention.

In the process of writing this book, it has received the support of many experts and colleagues, and it has referenced the content of many scholars' works. Due to the extensive content involved in this book, and the rapid progress of vitiligo research, if you find deficiencies in reading, experts, peers and readers are required to criticize and correct.

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