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"Vitiligo Therapeutics" is edited by Cheng Aihua, a vitiligo research expert at Huahai Vitiligo Hospital. Vitiligo, also known as white erosion disease, is a skin disease with limited white patches that appear on the skin and gradually spread and spread as the main clinical manifestation. Although vitiligo is not painful and itchy, it erodes the healthy skin and mind of the patient, severely damages the appearance of the person, bruises the spirit of the person, and affects their normal life, marriage, work and social interaction. It is one of the worldwide refractory diseases. With the acceleration of social life rhythm, environmental pollution is increasing, iatrogenic and drug-induced diseases surge and many other factors have caused the incidence of vitiligo to increase year by year. Overcoming vitiligo has become a common goal for domestic and foreign medical circles to fight for one.

In recent years, with cell biology and biochemistry. The continuous progress of molecular biology, medical immunology and other disciplines, especially the in-depth development of genomics and proteomics, various physics, chemistry, and new biological methods.

"Vitiligo Therapeutics" combines the author's decades of research results and clinical diagnosis and treatment experience. Based on the principles of integration of Chinese and Western medicine, clinical use, and doctors and patients, it comprehensively describes the traceability of epilepsy, epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis. 、Clinical manifestations, medical history collection, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, Chinese and Western medicine treatment, black and white treatment of new treatment of vitiligo, prevention and conditioning, etc., highlights the key points and difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo, such as the collection, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of vitiligo , Hot issues, enumerated the current authoritative vitiligo Chinese and Western medicine diagnosis and treatment plan (guideline) and clinical path. Regarding the treatment of vitiligo by Chinese medicine, it comprehensively organizes the treatment of causes and syndromes, highlighting the experience of famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, analysis of medical records, selection of diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo in ancient books, and the new treatment of vitiligo in black and white. In recent years, a systematic review of new diagnostic methods, new inspection techniques, new treatment drugs, and new prevention and treatment concepts for vitiligo has been systematically reviewed.

In the process of writing this book, it strives for practicality, comprehensiveness and operability. It refers to the works or papers of many scholars at home and abroad, and expresses my heartfelt thanks. For the deficiencies or errors in the book, experts, colleagues and readers are urged to criticize and correct them.

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