How to scientifically skin care in the early winter seasons is dry and windy?

Date:2023-02-28 Hit:188

Patients: Doctor Cheng, the skin is easy to dry and cracks in the early winter season. I heard that it is easy to cause white spots to spread. I want to ask how to care for the skin?

Director Cheng: It is windy in the early winter season and the skin is easy to dry. The first is to drink plenty of water and provide sufficient water for the body. Second, you must choose suitable skin care products. It is recommended to choose moisturizing products that are suitable for your own skin type, traditional Chinese medicine ingredients or pure natural and non -irritating moisturizing products to keep your skin refreshing and avoid dryness and peeling. Moisturizing is done well. A "protective film" can be formed on the surface of the skin to prevent water loss and the skin will become soft and smooth. This can greatly reduce the chance of spreading the condition. The third is to correctly choose the cleaner. Usually take a bath, you should choose the WF cream and sulfur soap of our hospital to avoid using alkaline soap and shower gel containing whitening and chemical components. At the same time, you should apply the moisturizing cream in time after bathing to make moisturize.

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