Five years of vitiligo, 8 months restore normal skin tone

Date:2023-02-28 Hit:730

Vitiligo is a disfigured disease, which not only affects the appearance of people, but also brings huge psychological damage to patients.

Zhang Muyang (pseudonym), 17 years old, is a high school student. During her haircut five years ago, she found that there was a piece of rice -sized white spots on the front line, which was diagnosed with vitiligo. White spots gradually developed to face, chest, abdomen, etc. She first treated in a local hospital for about a year, and went to a hospital in Hebei after no effect. Because she was in school at the time, she had been treated intermittently in various hospitals for more than 4 years. In the early days, the white spots were controlled, but then there was no effect.

In November 2006, her grandfather found a little girl in Mengshan County, and Zhang Muyang

The onset parts are the same and cured at Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, so the family came to our hospital. After communicating with the patients in the ward and seeing their treatment effect, the Zhang Muyang family decided to be hospitalized. A month later, the edge of her forehead and face was closed. The small white spots had disappeared. The white spots on her body had a lot of pigment points. The two courses basically recovered 90%, and the normal skin color was restored for 2 months.

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