Girl with Vitiligo Song Tianjiao

Date:2020-06-06 Hit:2051

Song Tianjiao, 22, is a student learning at Qingdao University of Science and Technology.She is not only excellent in character and learning, she has won the provincial scholarship and the merit student certificate for several years, but also being good at calligraphy, and was employed as the vice President of the school painting and calligraphy research association, which has become a little famous in the calligraphy circle. The young girl’s future is boundless. Unfortunately, due to years of accumulated mental pressure and domestic cause, she suffered facial vitiligo during her sophomore year, and it is still a large area of stubborn type.

She used her own special way to fight against the "white devil", she practiced calligraphy to calm her mind, and her works were selected by many contemporary Chinese calligraphers.She taught herself psychology to adjust her psychological disorder. Instead of being alienated from her classmates because of her illness, she became a model of encouragement.Her family was impoverished because of illness, so she studied hard to win a scholarship and did odd jobs during the holidays to ease the burden of her family...

2013, "Beautiful Smile Qilu Lline", to help the poor vitiligo patients of the organizing committee, under the leadership of the Dean Cheng Aihua, who is the dean of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, the experts drove thousands of miles to Zaozhuang City, Xuecheng Region Jingziyu Village, after investigation of Song Tianjiao’s family , Dean Cheng decided to include Song in the free treatment plan on the spot.

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