Treatment of Large-area Elderly Vitiligo

Date:2020-06-27 Hit:352

Vitiligo is a very abominable disease, and it is more common in life, but it is very painful for the elderly to suffer from this disease. Everyone knows that normal people will look haggard after getting sick, and it is easier to show old, especially The elderly.

   More and more people are plagued by vitiligo, and it is imperative to treat vitiligo. The incidence of vitiligo does not distinguish between men, women and children, regardless of age. Vitiligo has now been targeted at the elderly, and the causes of advanced vitiligo are psychological disorders, autoimmune diseases, abuse of corticosteroids, external harmful stimuli, microcirculation disorders, melanocyte self-destruction, unreasonable diet, etc. .

    The patient's uncle history, male, 67 years old, had white spots on his body for 30 years. The white spots focused on the right shoulder, with a large area, white color, and clear boundaries. I didn't care after the onset, the leukoplakia expanded accordingly, the patient always thought that he was old, no treatment was needed, but the development of the leukoplakia and the rejection of him by outsiders and the children's distance caused him a great psychological burden and psychological endurance It is also relatively fragile, and tends to be more nervous and worried after getting sick.

   The patient came to Huahai Vitiligo Hospital in August 2015. Vitiligo expert Dean Cheng Aihua received a consultation. The Chinese medicine dialectic was liver and kidney yin deficiency syndrome, and developed a targeted treatment plan. After two treatments, the leukoplakia returned to normal skin color. The patient is very satisfied.

   Vitiligo in the elderly is not terrible, as long as you choose the right hospital to find a vitiligo expert and formulate a reasonable treatment plan, the same vitiligo returns to normal skin color. Finally, instruct patients to consolidate treatment, pay attention to adjust the physical and mental environment, relax the mood, participate in public welfare labor, and strengthen physical exercise.

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