Vitiligo of The Head Should Go To The Vitiligo Hospital for Regular Treatment

Date:2020-06-27 Hit:603

1. Don't blindly listen to vitiligo remedies

    Teacher Yan is an old teacher who has been teaching for many years and a hard-working gardener. I didn't expect to have vitiligo after half a year, because the area is not large, I believe that the neighbor has a vitiligo remedy, the effect is very good, use fine wine bubble medicine, and apply it yourself. As a result, after a week of application, the forehead was red and swollen, not only did not cure the disease, the area of the white spot became larger and larger. Now, he panicked.

    2. I found Huahai Vitiligo Hospital from the book

    He used the weekend time to go to the library to find books and materials for the treatment of vitiligo, and no longer dared to listen to the so-called vitiligo remedies. I found the book "Vitiligo New Theory" of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital in Xinhua Bookstore, and directly used the summer vacation time to come to our hospital in person. After an expert diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan was developed, and the white spots on the forehead and the top of the head quickly recovered completely. When I was discharged, I repeatedly emphasized that I should never believe in vitiligo remedies anymore. This time, I was right in the Huahai Vitiligo Hospital!

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