Suffered from vitiligo for 15 years, spent all savings, sold the house for treatment

Date:2020-11-27 Hit:5430

Suffered from vitiligo for 15 years, spent all savings, sold the house for treatment

I am Zhang Long, from Shanxi Province,china. I have been suffering from vitiligo for 15 years, and I am a large-scale vitiligo patient. There are a large number of white spots on the head, face, trunk, and limbs. The vitiligo area accounts for 80% of the whole body. The condition is extremely serious.


After having vitiligo, I have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and local hospitals for treatment. I have traveled all over the country, but my condition has not improved. Because of the year-round medical treatment, how can a rural family relying on a few acres of land to make a living can withstand such a toss, and soon our family's savings will be spent. In order to continue the treatment, my father was forced to sell his house.

After selling the house, my family continued to rush on the road to seek medical treatment, but still had little effect. One day my uncle found out that a Shanxi fellow was cured at Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, so he told my father. With our last hope, we came to Huahai Vitiligo Hospital.

After I came to the hospital, I first had a trial treatment for free, because these years I was frustrated and scared by those unscrupulous hospitals. The free trial treatment in just a few days allowed me to see the effect. We were ecstatic, and immediately decided to receive formal treatment at Huahai Vitiligo Hospital.

Faced with the cost of treatment, we are again worried. The hope I finally saw could not be given up like this, so my uncle said: "The big deal is to sell my own house." This sentence reached Dean Cheng Aihua. In order to help the family, Dean Cheng decided to make an exception to help me. After two multiple courses of treatment, the vitiligo on my head and face completely recovered, and the vitiligo on other parts of the body basically returned to normal skin tone.

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