30-year-old woman's vitiligo treatment in Huahai

Date:2020-06-27 Hit:367

Qin Yanyan's harvest this year is really too big, got four years of vitiligo in China's Sea Baili Hospital cured.

Qin Yanyan works in Harbin, in an enterprise to do accounting, due to long-term work pressure, resulting in the right side of the lower jaw suffering from vitiligo, he used a lot of methods in the local, the effect is very poor. When looking for the age of the object, a family can be sad, and finally decided to quit their jobs, change the environment of physical conditioning.

Her aunt in Binzhou, Shandong Province, learned the news, suggested that she do not visit Binzhou, Huahai Baifeng Hospital is still quite famous. With a try-and-see mentality, I decided to give it a try.

After arriving at the hospital, Huahai Baifeng Hospital experts gave her a comprehensive diagnosis, identified as blood-obstructive white wind, is a more stubborn type, recommended her treatment of two courses of treatment. Both come on, Qin Yanyan down-to-earth treatment of the disease, a month white spot significantly reduced a lot, change more and more fast, less than two courses of treatment completely disappeared. She herself lamented that everything in the future was full of hope and vitality.

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