Theory of melanocycosis

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     Five causes of psychological factors, physical factors, chemical factors, biological factors, and genetic factors can produce melanocyotoxin, which can cause melanocyte surface antigen to change, start the body's immune response, remove melanocytes, and form white spots.

1. Featured theory support

  Vitiligo is clinically not only partially lost in local pigmentation, but also accompanied by increasing pigmentation around or other parts of white spots or other parts, that is, the same disease of black and white; "The same disease of the lung and kidney".

The lungs are proclaimed, the fabric is slightly inferior, and the fur is exactly the hair; The kidney hides essence, spermatogenesis, blood and glorious skin, and its Hua is going. The lungs are lost, and the skin cannot reach the skin, the fur is deficient; Lost, fur, and the formation of white spots; due to physical feedback adjustment, it turns black around or other parts of white spots, that is, "black and white same disease".

2. Feature treatment technology

Under the light mirror, melanocytes are missing in the white spots; the melanocytes of the surrounding skin are swollen, bigger, and cells produce melanin. In terms of experimental research, microcirculation disorders, local and overall immune dysfunction. In terms of treatment, you should pay attention to two -way regulation to achieve "black and white", "black and white cure", that is, "lung and kidney," with the same treatment. Therefore, "lung loss, insufficient kidney essence" is the basic pathology of vitiligo. Experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital believe that on the basis of adhering to the principle of syndrome differentiation, we should also pay attention to improving microcirculation and correcting immune dysfunction.

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