Theory of melanin regeneration

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       The theory of melanin regeneration: Activate the dormant melanoma mother cells through internal service, external use and other means to differentiate and split and proliferate, and then move and move to the surface of the skin. Cell re -creation theory, the white spot area is generated by the treatment of melanoma, and melanin is re -created.

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1. "Activated function melanin regeneration"

Vitiligo is a melanocyte death disease. The "activation function, melanur regeneration" technology of "black and white", which mainly reflects the combination of traditional Chinese medicine debates and dialectics. The combination of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and equipment treatment. Circulation, activating melanocyte function, accelerating melanin formation, and gradually completing melanin regeneration to achieve the purpose of white spots.

2. Professional technology and treatment need to come to the hospital for consultation

Experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital reminded that "activation function melanur regeneration" is one of the treatment modules for "black and white" treatment of vitiligo technology. Professional technology and treatment need to be further for consultation.

Third, black and white the same disease, black and white theory

The theory of "black and white same disease, black and white treatment": Huahai Vitiligo Hospital based on the theory of the five elements of the motherland medicine, starting from the lungs and meridians, systematically analyzed and studied the cause and treatment methods of vitiligo. In the traditional understanding, the new theory of "black and white same diseases, black and white treatment" was creatively proposed. It is believed that vitiligo is not only a local pigment loss, but also increased pigmentation around or other parts of white spots or other parts, that is, black and white same diseases.

Fourth, black and white same diseases, need black and white treatment with black and white

Clinically, pay attention to two -way regulation to achieve black and white. "Black and White Tongzhi, Black and White Tongzhi" treatment of vitiligo technology is the Torch Program Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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