Vitiligo Treatment on the Arm

Date:2020-06-27 Hit:339

1. Vitiligo patients should avoid sun exposure

Vitiligo boy is a little bitter, lively and active, and especially likes to travel. Large areas of leukoplakia have recovered 70% after treatment. During the summer vacation, he asked his friends to travel to Hainan together. Because he spent too much time playing at the beach, he came back with a red spot on his back. This causes the white spot area to expand rapidly.

2. Vitiligo prevention is very important.

        The treatment of vitiligo drugs and equipment is important, but the prevention of vitiligo is also very important. Avoiding and staying away from various inducing factors will be crucial to the recovery of patients. The case of Xiao Qiu sounded the alarm for our vast number of vitiligo patients. Experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital remind you that the importance of vitiligo prevention should not be overlooked, it is more important than treatment. We must arouse everyone's attention.

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