What can not eat vitiligo on the face

Date:2020-07-05 Hit:358

1. Don't blame others, face diseases correctly

There is a young man from Weifang, 23 years, suffering from vitiligo for 3 years, he is cheerful, enthusiastic. He often talks and laughs with his patients in the ward, and everyone likes him very much. Some young people do not want to go to the cafeteria to eat nutrition, like to take out, he tirelessly told them what can not eat vitiligo, should eat more. They also like to hear "teaching". His white spots grow around his eyes and nose, especially the white spots around his nose like a big white butterfly, everyone jokingly called him Butterfly Man. Because the family conditions were not very good, he especially cherished the treatment opportunities. The doctor told him that vitiligo should not be eaten, and he would strictly avoid it. Don't do anything, he will try to avoid it.

Second, pay attention to treatment and fully recover

Because he actively cooperated with the treatment, the facial leukoplakia recovered very quickly, and he was discharged after only 4 and a half months in the hospital. Whenever this guy is mentioned, the medical staff in the ward always talks endlessly. If some patients can't control their mouths, they also like to take him out for teaching: "Butterfly Man listens to the doctor very much and tells him what vitiligo can't eat, he will strictly abide by it, you have to learn from him."

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