The research of Vitiligo causes

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Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years of understanding and treatment of vitiligo. Chinese doctors believe that vitiligo involves the lungs, heart, spleen, liver, etc., and is related to external wind, internal heat, external dampness, qi, and blood. The disease lies in the skin and the body. The pathogenesis is qi-blood discord or qi stagnation and blood stasis.

  In short, the main causes of vitiligo are summarized as follows:

(1) Disharmony of Qi and Blood

Mostly caused by internal injuries of the seven emotions, emotional failure, excessive worry and sorrow, leading to qi disorder, qi and blood disharmony, wind and evil entering by virtue of deficiency, staying in the skin, blocking the meridians, and skin loss and nourishing white spots.

(2) Stasis of Qi and Blood

Congestion block due to bruises, skin damage and blood vessels; or anger and liver injury, stagnation of qi, meridian obstruction, blood flow blocked, visceral organs and meridian function disorders; or chronic illness, congestion blocking the collaterals, new If the blood does not grow, and the skin cannot be nourished through the meridian, it can cause local skin loss and cause white spots.

(3) Loss of Qi and Blood

Mostly due to endowment intolerance, insufficiency of kidney qi, deficiency of yin essence, passive qi and blood biochemistry; or acquired weakness of spleen and stomach, insufficient water and valley essence and metaplasia, deficiency of camp and guard, infirmity of external guard, evil into muscles, metaplasia Vitiligo.

(4) Rheumatism

Spring predominates wind, long summer predominates dampness, and the evil of rheumatism spreads on the skin, causing the skin's meridians to be blocked, and the circulation of qi and blood is not smooth. Vitiligo caused by this occurs or worsens in spring and summer.

(5) Insufficient liver and kidney

The kidney is the congenital foundation and stores the essence, the liver stores the blood, the liver and kidney are of the same origin, and the menstrual blood regenerates. If the kidney is insufficient and the essence does not change the blood, it will lead to the deficiency of liver blood; or the stagnation of liver qi, insufficient liver blood, and the blood can not transform the essence, can cause the skin and veins to lose nourishment and cause white spots.

(6) Insufficient spleen and stomach

The spleen and stomach reside in Zhongzhou, which is the foundation of acquired life and the source of qi and blood biochemistry. If the spleen and stomach are weak, the source of qi and blood is deficient, and the collaterals of the skin are not full and the skin is lost to nourishment, white spots can be seen on the skin.

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