Why Get Vitiligo?

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All men have a mind of beauty, beautiful things close appearance, away from the ugly appearance, is inertial behavior of many people. This inertial behavior, however, for patients suffering from vitiligo, is the spiritual damage. For the sake of vitiligo patients appearance with white spots or plate, is not ugly, but it also belongs to the type of ugly. So, why get vitiligo vitiligo patients?

The influencing factors of vitiligo disease are:

1、Genetic factors:

The so-called genetic factors, to be easy to understand a little, is their children's genetic diseases in the previous generation. According to scholars, the survey found in the families of patients with vitiligo, vitiligo illness rates higher than average. But not all families will be genetic, only part of vitiligo. Through research, found that genetic factors influence on vitiligo is there, but the genetic less likely.

2、Neurotransmitter factors:

According to the survey found that a lot of vitiligo patients before the onset of illness and have had mental burden, which can lead to mental trauma, such as: often worry things, spiritual overworked, grief, and emotional instability, afraid of panic disorder, etc., and, after the disease often have the appearance of negative emotions, such as: excessive sorrow, excessive worry, difficult to sleep, etc., this kind of mental burden not only exacerbate disease, and is not at all good for people. According to the patient's mental state, scholars study found that increased sympathetic nerve chemicals plant nerve function disorder, can make the melanocyte thiol functional groups increase, reduce melanin. Therefore, nerve impulses to the formation of melanin, plays an important role. If you want to stay away from vitiligo, you may need to adjust their mental state as well, don't let your mental load and positive attitude towards life is good for health, not only for his own life also has a lot of benefits.

3、Environmental factors:

Environmental factors include aspects of more, such as the way of life, work, and learning environment, eating habits, mental state and air, water, etc. In addition, the ooze has close relationship with vitiligo illness, whether it is a mental stimulation or improperly used sex hormones or other diseases caused by endocrine disorders is likely to lead to suffering from vitiligo. Trace elements required in the human body also has a close relation with vitiligo, because trace elements in melanin metabolism plays an important role in the process, including copper, zinc ion is most important, the lack of copper is tyrosinase loss of catalyst in the process of black pigment. Lack of copper and zinc element, color white, patients in the early onset of copper and zinc supplements are necessary.

4、The immune function of factors:

Some pathogenic factor (chemical and heavy metals) cause imbalances in the body's immune disorders, endocrine function, resist the melanin cell antibodies, the melanin cell damage, depigmentation and disease. By damage of melanin cells to release antigen, stimulate the body produces more melanin cell antibodies, make more melanin cells are destroyed, and thus form a vicious circle, lead to further development. The body's immune response is a complex physiological and pathological process.

5、Other factors:

In addition, other factors such as injury, frostbite, mosquito bites, etc., are easy to induce inflammatory disease vitiligo. And body parts, friction parts of the clothing parcels will induce vitiligo illness. Belt too tight, the oppression of the skin blood circulation, may also induce vitiligo.

Warm prompt: this can know, in the face of vitiligo illness, although genetic factors that there was nothing we could do, after all, this is the previous generation, but other factors, we can go to the prevention of vitiligo illness hair carefully. So, in order to stay away from vitiligo, we should pay attention to our environment, psychological state, physical condition, etc., to maintain a good attitude, healthy habits, to stay away from vitiligo, to stay away from disease, have a healthy body.

That is about "why vitiligo? Pay attention to" five factors of related introduction, Huahai Vitiligo Hospital experts warm reminder: if discover there are signs of white spot, please timely to the formal medical institutions to see a doctor, so as not to miss the best treatment time, delay treatment. If you want to know more about the treatment and prevention of vitiligo related knowledge, please contact us.

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